Set against a tense geopolitical nuclear crisis of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, DAKAR explores the power struggles, international relations, operations, and moral dilemmas faced by US naval officials assigned to help investigate the submarine’s demise.

DAKAR has realistic, accurate military life scenes and explores ethical, national-security-related dilemmas, making it a must-watch for military drama fans.

DAKAR incorporates themes of physical sound from interpersonal communications to global military surveillance to support the espionage and submarine worlds which are deeply infused in the narrative.

DAKAR’ storyline presents moral dilemmas that question national & personal loyalty, friendly espionage, power, authority, following orders, boundaries of obedience to command, and the ethics of authorities that investigate themselves.

In a world of lies and liars, unsubstantiated information and libel can ruin lives in an instant. DAKAR involves themes of making false accusations about one’s character, as well as the hardships required to correct its everlasting damaging effects.

In a world of ‘me’ and ‘I’, DAKAR showcases servicemen who look at the greater good and put the benefit of humanity before their gain.

Based on real events, as well as on Dave Jourdan’s novel NEVER FORGOTTEN, DAKAR incorporates nautical terminology, adding authenticity to the submarine setting.

Real naval consultants are employed to
ensure accuracy in portraying naval procedures.