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Avi Strulson (Playback Pictures) believes strongly in the nation’s responsibility to honor the men and women who served in the armed forces, and their families. That belief led to the development of the film project DAKAR, so that those who served in the military and veterans communities will never be forgotten.

Strulson teamed up with major players to re-create the story of the tragic loss and astounding discovery of DAKAR for international audiences. The purpose of this new venture is to produce and distribute a full-length feature named: DAKAR, the FINAL DEEP DIVE.

The film project seeks to portray the unknowns of history, a challenging task under any circumstances, complicated here by the fact that the affected family members of the crew are still living. The clarification of the past, especially where grief and bereavement are involved, is never to be undertaken lightly, and they consider the task hallowed.

The new and original film will consist of, in addition to its facts-based story line, dramatized, reenactments and fictional elements, characters and themes geared towards all audiences.